ACT Subject Test Course


Course period: 27/April – 10/June (2024)

Our ACT Subject Test course is 30 Hours Long Per Subject.

Covering the exam Material ONLY (NOT BASICS)

Special tips and tricks to influence the students overall score and performance.

Course includes our Study Guide (Which is the Material written, summarized and simplified by
our esteemed teachers)

Also Soft Copy Past papers with answers for practice and homework.

Please note that the Study guide is strictly a soft copy on our website (available for 16 weeks Only)

Price also include:
– A Full Mock Exam is part of this program, Free of charge and not counted within the course
– Mock exam will be scheduled a week prior to the course end date
– Corrected out of 36 by our team

Upcoming Exam Dates: 

الدورة المعلن عنها تخدم الطلاب في امتحان شهر 6+7 

Test Date Subjects Available in Exam session Exam registration duration
14/June 2024 (Morning) Biology + English 1 28/Feb – 6/June
14/June 2024 (Afternoon) Math 2 + Chemistry
15/June 2024 (Morning) Math 1 + English 2
19/July 2024 (Morning) Biology + US History 6/March – 11/July
19/July 2024 (Afternoon) Physics + Math 2
20/July 2024 (Morning) Math 1 + English 1

Signing up for the exam is the student’s responsibility during the Exam registration period.



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ACT Subject Test Course

أستفسر عن تفاصيل الدورة من مستشارنا الأكاديمي من خلال الواتس اب


Steps for Joining The ACT Subject Test Course:

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Math 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math 1, English 1& 2, US History


Online, Amman- Dabouq (Headquarters), Riyadh – Olaya