Consultation for the Application to International Universities


Product Information:

Our Consultation Service is here to help our 800 SAT Students ONLY find the ideal
University for them in the following countries (US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia).

This consultation application service will help you apply to universities abroad.
Our Service Cost is $130 which covers:

  1. An hour-long appointment for a personal consultation at 800 SAT.
  2. Navigate the parent and student through their academic preferences and recommendations.
  3. Apply to 3 universities of interest after discussing budget, country of interest, and major.
  4. 2 recommendation letters for the student from 800 SAT teachers.
  5. 800 SAT will do the application process on the student’s behalf and collect all the needed documents and follow-up on the status of the application.

Note: Most of our universities are FREE of application Fee; however, certain universities may require on their end an extra application fee. Our officers will inform you during the consultation before the student picks a university.