AP Courses (Orange Module)


Our AP program simplifies APs to almost anyone.

  • Any AP subject you choose is divided into 4 modules throughout the academic year with breaks between each module.

Our AP Courses are divided into 4 Modules in order to:

  1. Systematically provide the material.
  2. Give the student breathing space between each module to revise and prepare questions.
  3. Allows course purchase in installments.

Second Module – Orange -> Consists of 20 Hours, covers extended AP material.

Cost: $287

Orange Module Duration: 19/October- 30/November 2024



Third Module – Grey -> Consists of 20 – 30 Hours – concludes the remaining AP material.

Costs :  $287 – $425 (Cost of Grey Module depends on subject chosen)

Grey Module Duration: 18/January – 26/February 2025



Fourth Module – Purple -> consists of 20 – 30 Hours – covers solving Past-Papers, test taking techniques and tips.

Cost: $287 – $425 (Cost of Purple Module depends on subject chosen)

Purple Module Duration: 8/March – 28/April 2025

EXAM MONTH: MAY 2025 (Registration for the exam is available in Schools only. Make sure to sign up by November 2024)


You are currently signing up for the Orange Module. 

Special Notes:

  • You can book a Free consultation with our Academic Advisors to discuss subjects to take and university requirements.
  • Taking all modules is a necessity to cover the entire Material and past paper solving from A-Z.


Please Note that:

After registering for the course, you will receive a link to complete the admission process. Fill out the required personal information and upload a visa-style photo. If you do not complete this application, your registration will remain pending.

بعد التسجيل في الدورة، ستتلقى رابطًا لاستكمال عملية القبول. قم بملء المعلومات الشخصية المطلوبة وتحميل صورة مثل صورة التأشيرة. إذا لم تكمل هذه العملية, سيكون .تسجيلك معلقا


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AP Orange Module

AP Biology (20 Hours), AP Chemistry (20 Hours), AP Physics Mechanics (20 Hours), AP Physics Algebra Based 1 (20 Hours), AP Calculus AB (20 Hours), AP Pre-Calculus (20 Hours), AP Computer Science Principles (20 Hours), AP English Lang & Composition (20 Hours), AP Comparative Gov & Politics (20 Hours), AP Microeconomics (20 Hours), AP Psychology (20 Hours), AP Enviromental Science (20 Hours), AP Human Geography (20 Hours)


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