IGCSE O-Level Evaluation Exam


800’s Evaluation Exam is a powerful and comprehensive assessment tool that helps you measure and track your performance before the external examination session.

It offers a wide range of subjects and there are different papers e.g.
Cambridge Examination Board:
Paper 2(multiple choice),
Paper 4(essay questions),
Paper 6(Alternative to Practical)

Edexcel Mathematics A:
papers 1 and 2 (Foundation Tier and Higher Tier).

English as a second language:
Paper 2(Reading and Writing),
Paper 4 (Listening),
Paper 5 (Oral).

It also provides detailed reports and analytics to help you identify areas of improvement and track progress over time.

  • The student will live Real Time experience for IGCSE O-Level Exams.
  • Question papers will be checked by 800 IGCSE Teachers.
  • Students Who just finished 9th grade can do the exam which will cover 70% of the material (The student should have covered in 9th grade).
  • Full External Exam is also available (Grade 10).


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Online, Amman- Dabouq (Headquarters)


English As A Second Language 0510, English As A Second Language 4ES1, Chemistry 0620, Chemistry 4CH1, Biology 0610, Biology 4BI1, ICT 0417, ICT 4IT1, Business 0450, Business 4BS0/1, Physics 0625, Physics 4PH1, Mathematics 0580, Mathematics 4MA1, CLASSICAL FIRST LANGUAGE, ARABIC 3180, ARABIC 4AA