One to One IGCSE A-Level – 25 Classes


Important information: Each class is 1.5 hours (This Fast-paced package is 25 Classes = 37.5 Hours) 

To WHOM is the A-LEVEL 1-1 FAST- PACED Course designed?

  • To those seeking to achieve their highest potential by receiving direct focus from the IGCSE teacher toward the student’s exact strengths and weaknesses.
  • Those with proper A-Level Foundation need to take the A-Level exam material at an intense, fast pace.

WHY choose the 1-1 courses?

  • Plan ahead (Pre-book your slots up to 10 months in advance by choosing your preferred dates/timings)
  • Money Saver: The price per class is 20% less than booking Private class by class حصة بحصتها. (You save $350 by purchasing this package)
  • Continuous Feedback!
  • Free Assessment – Before starting your AS-level classes.
  • Past Papers are included.
  • Postponing rule Free of charge postponing for TWO classes in case of emergency.

HOW to book?

3 Key Steps

  1. Choose an A-level Subject — add it to the cart and complete the purchase.
  2. The admissions department will contact you (within 48 hours) for you to select your preferred dates/times.
  3. The schedule is set and confirmed by both sides, WE BEGIN YOUR FAST-PACED A-Level JOURNEY!

Tips on how to set your schedule!

Keep in mind the number of weeks remaining before your A-Level exam date:

Number of classes scheduled per week.  Number of weeks needed to complete the 25 Classes.
1 Class per week (1.5 Hours) 25 WEEKS (6 Months)
2 Classes per week (3 Hours) 12 WEEKS (3 Months)
3 Classes per week (4.5 Hours) 8 WEEKS (2 Months)
4 Classes per week (6 Hours) 6 WEEKS (1 Month and 14 Days)


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Let’s compare to find the best plan for you!

ONE TO ONE COURSES Private Classes (800 Mobile APPLICATION)
Booking  Via Website Via Mobile APP
Schedule Arrangement  800 Employee Admissions team Self Service 
Schedule duration  Up to 10 months in advance 

(Guarantee your slot for months to come)

(Up to 1 month in advance)
Study Guide  Included  Not Included
Level Assessment  Free before we begin and mock during course. Upon request / Fees applied
Purchasing options One full payment in advance Flexible – based on your budget. 
Cancellation Policy Free of charge

(Only allowed twice)

Fees charged per postponement. 

Additional information


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